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Fanae-5, MSML
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On my 13th birthday in 1978 — Prince Rogers Nelson burst upon the music scene releasing his first album entitled “For You”.

I was already a fan. I’m sure I’d heard “Soft and Wet” on the radio and one of BFF’s let me borrow “the 45”. I remember rushing to the record store and buying my own. Soft and Wet was released on his birthday on June 7th!

Googled photo from author’s archive — Actual 45 in Author’s “VAULT” of PRINCE Music!

Unfortunately, I could not attend his last performance in my hometown — 7 days after my 51st birthday because I was recovering from surgery.
He died 7 days after the performance at the age of 57.

I remember I was “watching” CNN and sorting my bills and junk mail when the special report came in that a body had been found at Paisley Park. I calmly continue what I was doing as Id confidently told my husband, OH that’s not Prince- that’s someone who’s staying at his home. Yet images of him with obvious weight loss and whispers of drug abuse swirled in my head. Sadly as time wore on I learned the truth. Friends and family immediately began calling me with concern as to how I was taking the news.!

Speaking of the news — Again — April!

April 2022
On Tuesday, April 4th at 4:57 a.m. my BFF -Sistah sent me a text with the now-famous video of Prince at age 11. Different BFF than earlier noted — we’ve been BFF-Sistah’s for over 50 years now

OMGOSH!! We probably have footage of this music icon’s first interview thanks to Matthew Liddy, who is a production manager at WCCO-TV, a CBS station in Minnesota.

In April 1970 teachers in Minnesota went on strike for similar issues of today — class sizes, school supplies, and the desire to be treated as professionals!

In an effort to bridge information and context from the 1970’s strike to today’s issues Mr. Liddy was watching footage when he saw a familiar face in the persona of a little boy. To confirm his thoughts he asked researchers and friends who confirmed that it was…



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