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The Challenge 2 Self

Fanae-5, MSML
4 min readApr 30, 2022


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Know Thyself Heal Thyself is my first love on Medium as it was the first publication to accept me as a writer. The founding editor Diana C is an awesome writer and motivator as you will see in the story below. In addition to Diana C., KTHT has an amazing staff of editors who are tremendously talented in their own right. When I was new to Medium (1 year ago) — I began to engage with the majority of these writers either through reading and responding to their work or they responded to mine with lots of encouragement along the way — @jules Ravyne Hawke Spyder George Blue Kelly

On April 22 Diana C.published the story below.

…..Prompts for those who like to dig deep!

That’s me! Wait
I’m not claiming to be a goddess of deep thinking and writing.
I saw this as a challenge to move beyond my own surface, to connect, and to create. Further, I challenged myself to use these prompts as a catapult to write on a daily basis. That’s one of the first bullets in all the “how-to” stories, right? Not interested as most of that is tickled ears noise.
I’m all about the discipline of it. Everything else is gravy.
If only I could regain that same discipline by exercising on a daily basis —oh well Fanae-5 — one thing at a time!

Diana C published the story on April 22.
I responded on April 24th.
As of today April 30th, I have written 5 stories in response to the first 5 prompts! Hooray!- Making good progress!



Fanae-5, MSML

Finding joy in the journey through gratitude for the blessings and the lessons!

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